Tis’ the Season for… Angels

In Angel / VC on December 6, 2010 at 11:16 pm

Angel investing in Silicon Valley has been getting a lot of press. Rightfully so.  Seed-stage tech investing is so active that the mainstream media is questioning if it’s a bubble. I am finding this dichotomy of angel activity in the US to be fascinating – Silicon Valley continues to be a world onto itself and early-stage investing in the rest of the US appears anemic, especially in the Midwest.  I think it is simply boiling down to Silicon Valley tech investors hoping to catch the next Facebook and I am not familiar with that level of exuberance anywhere else in the markets. My only recommendation, if you are starting a tech company, you need to be in front of Silicon Valley investors. If you don’t pass that litmus test, it seems you will be unlikely to find enthusiastic funding partners anywhere else.  And… the question du jour – can the exuberance in Silicon Valley penetrate elsewhere?


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